MYP eAssessment Russian language

MYP eAssessment Russian language

23 сентября состоялись переговоры по вопросу включения русского языка в e-assessment. В переговорах принимали участие:

Natalia Barinova, IBSA, Moscow Economic School

Mikhail Shneider, INTESCO, Moscow School 45

Ruslan Yancen, INTESCO

Tatiana Krasilnikova, Brookes Moscow

Rick Lewis, Brookes Moscow

Charley King, Brookes Moscow

Mary Tadros, IBO

Jean-Christophe Goris, IBO

Vedrana Pavletić, IBO

As agreed, these are the next steps until the end of 2020:

  1. Invitation to the MYP eAssessment webinar scheduled for 14 October at 15:00 CET will be sent out as soon as possible to MYP schools in Russia and other countries where Russian language is taught
  2. Mary, Vedrana and the MYP coordinator from Brookes Moscow to contribute to the webinar session for MYP coordinators organized by IBSA and Moscow Economic School in November (date to be confirmed) – invitation to the webinar will be extended to more schools via Ruslan's contacts
  3. Following up the November webinar, survey will be sent to all 46 MYP schools within the Eurasian region to provide a forecast of potential MYP candidates (Mary and Vedrana to provide the survey content to Natalia and Ruslan who will then distribute it to the school contacts, either in English or translated into Russian)
  4. Analyzing the outcomes of the survey during December and preparing the business case according to the survey results